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Sergiu G. Jiduc BSc, MSc Environmental Sustainability Scientist Imperial College London. Project Leader and Founder Karakoram Anomaly Project.

I have known Ali Muhammad Saltoro and his tour company, Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan for two years in both a personal and professional capacity. As leader and founder of the Karakoram Anomaly project (www.karakoram.co) - a multidisciplinary endeavor to investigate why, while mountain glaciers in other parts of the world are receding and shrinking due climate change, many Karakoram glaciers are advancing. The effect, known as the Karakoram Anomaly, has drawn the attention of scientists around the world. My team and I had worked with Alpine Adventure Guides to add to the understanding of the glaciers' behavior and the risk they present to people living in the region, particularly in respect to the risk of glacial lake outburst floods. The Karakoram Anomaly project comprised a complex two-month expedition into the heart of the remote Central Karakoram Range to carry out scientific research, community development, filming and mountaineering activities. Mr. Muhammad has been our tour guide and in country organizer for the expedition to Shimshal valley. His resourcefulness and capacity to manage challenging logistics have been invaluable to our project and I would recommend his services for any mountaineering or scientific endeavor in the Karakoram Mountains. Being able to adapt to differing individual and expedition needs as well as fluctuating budgets, Alpine Adventure Guides has enabled us to carry out a successful expedition. I can confidently vouch for Ali's personal and professional qualities. I know him to be an approachable and knowledgeable person with good communication skills in English and excellent knowledge of expedition and mountain logistics. From my contact with him, I know him as an honest, reliable and friendly person, having the skills, resources and contacts to organize successful expeditions to the top of K2 as well as the farthest regions of the Karakoram. In my eight-year experience as expedition leader and mountaineer, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend Ali Muhammad Satoro and his company, Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan to organize your expedition to the Karakoram.

Elisabeth Revol France

I went to Pakistan for the first time in 2008. When we discover this country, this people, these smiles, these high and beautiful summits of the planet, we can only go back… I met Ali and his agency Alpine Adventure Guides in 2013. He organized all the logistics for us to reach the Nanga Parbat base camp in winter, and stay there for the duration of the expedition. Everything was just perfect: the atmosphere, the equipment, the timing, the food… everything was in place to ensure that the expedition was smooth and went smoothly. We only had to focus on our goal, without stress since the logistics were managed with a master's hand. The food at the base camp is very varied, well prepared, with a lot of specialties from all countries. It may or may not be spicy depending on our request. The logistics are well-oiled, without downtime between transport, trek, base camp ... Ali also knows all the history of ascents in Pakistan. It is a mine of information, anecdotes, stories…. We can spend very pleasant evenings listening to it when it is snowing outside and we cannot go to the mountains. He is also a mountaineer who knows the mountain, its dangers since he has already climbed the C4 of some 8000 in Pakistan. In addition to the organization Ali has a long arm, especially with the army since he alone can have permits to ascend the mountains still untouched by Pakistan on the border with India, China, or he can still extend a visa when it is no longer valid. He can also find last-minute solutions for us or even arrange our stay as well as possible. Short, I no longer ask myself which agency I'm going to go with. I give my ideas to Ali and he organizes all the logistics of the expedition. And I know there won't be any last minute surprises! I no longer have any stress on the logistics. So yes, I recommend Alpine Adventure Guides to everyone!

Sukhanova Olga Russian, Gasherbrum II 8035M expedition

In 2013 I took part in the expedition to Gasherbrum II. The expedition was organized by Ali Muhammad, the owner of Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan. Our offer included all services Islamabad-BC-Islamabad with full board in the BC. I can recommend Ali as a responsible, reliable, helpful and trustworthy partner. He is always ready to solve all problems which might occur on the way. Ali provided us a very good cook and his assistant who prepared meals in the BC. He can give you most of the up to date information about climbing routes, route conditions, statistics and any other special details since he is a climber by himself and knows the region very well. All necessary papers before and after the expedition were prepared in time. So Ali would be happy to help you with your expedition in all possible ways, don´t hesitate to ask him.

Nardi Daniele Rome Italia.

Dear Ali Muhammad Saltoro, I would like to thanks you for your engagement to organize my expedition in Karakorum. I have appreciated your love for adventure and for the alpinist whom want to climb the highest mountains. Your support and your professional allow us to be focused on climbing and mountains and lift your organization the logistics. Every unexpected situation you had managed quickly and whit your max power. Thanks for your great job.

Tim Taylor London, United Kingdom Photographer and Adventurer.

Ali Saltoro and his team at Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan are second to none. I was part of an expedition team living and working on a remote glacier in North East Pakistan for two months; a remote and hostile place. The expedition simply could not have happened without Ali and his team at the helm. From logistical organization, to safety, to best tasting food I have ever eaten at a base camp. Every aspect is covered, nothing is too much trouble and Ali has an incredible network of people, both within and outside the country, to make things happen fast. I will be returning to Pakistan in the near future to attempt my second 8000m peak and I look forward to working with Ali and AAG again.

Randall L. Peeters Foresthill, CA

Traveling with Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan was a great experience - they took care of all my needs in a professional manner and the trip went off without a hitch - I highly recommend them as a provider.

Роман Мельников Russia

Я рекомендую Али Мухамад и его компанию после моего треккинга к К2 в Августе 2016 г. Хорошая организация логистики благодаря Али. Палатка и питание входит в стоимость треккинга, приготовлением пищи занимается команда Али. Мулы используются для переноса тяжелых вещей. С собой несете только легкий рюкзак, бутылку воды и фотокамеру. Внимательное отношение к клиенту, готовность изменить маршрут, сделать его индивидуальным ув ититититисиотитити 2-3 дня треккинга могут сопровождаться днем отдыха. Необходимо взять аптечку, солнцезащитный крем, треккинговые кросовки, пуховой спальник. Так как в Пакистане распространена острая пища, то нужно заранее согласовать кухню с Али. Спокойные и доброжелательные люди, к русским и иностранцам хорошее отношение.

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